Download Premium WordPress Themes Free
Download Premium WordPress Themes Free
Download WordPress Themes Free
Premium WordPress Themes Download
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Free vs Premium WordPress Themes (Pros and Cons)

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Establishing online presence is very crucial, no matter what business you are into. This may look like an extra expense in initially but it is totally worth. The way the world is connected over Web these days, it is assured that you are going to get good ROI from your website. Moreover, you can scale it down the costs to a great extent by using WordPress CMS for your website design. WordPress is in the top when it comes to opening up a website or a blog to market your product or service. It has a number of themes tailored for different domains which are free to use. And, gradually you can switch to the premium version. Both carry equal number of differences, giving options to choose.
You must be thinking if there are free themes then why do people shell out so much money for premium ones. What’s the actual difference between free and premium theme templates and how do you choose between free vs premium WordPress themes? There are significant pros and cons associated with both that you need to know. Let’s discuss it in detail the free vs premium WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Themes:
There are approximately 15 thousand WordPress themes uploaded at Whether you are a simple blogger or a Fortune 500 company, you are free to use any theme you wish to. The benefits of using these themes are many. These include:

Free: As it is free to use, so there’s no barrier that will hinder you to begin with. You can experiment with as many designs as you want.
Quality: Don’t assume that you will have to compromise with quality as it’s free. All the themes are of high quality.
Tested and reviewed: The review team at WordPress first tests the themes for compliance, quality, CSS code, and support for standard WordPress features and then add them to the WP directory.
Security: The free templates are completely secure and ensure your privacy terms.

Limited Features: Though you get all the basic features you may need, yet some themes offer limited features and functionalities. For instance if you want to add a button or create customized landing page, you will have to switch to premium version.
Uniqueness: The free templates are used by many across the globe so you are not guaranteed a unique website. If you want to have customised design, then free theme may not be the right choice for you.
Warranty: Free themes don’t give any warranty so you cannot point it out on anyone if something goes wrong.

Premium WordPress Themes:
Uniqueness: The paid themes are less opted for so you get a more unique and less common website.
Features and functions: The premium themes are loaded with appealing features and functionalities. So, you don’t have to worry about adding anything extra.
Updates: Your money won’t go in vain. The updates and constant support offered for premium themes are appreciable.
Expense: You have to purchase premium themes by paying the cost.
Extra features: The premium themes usually come with too many features to tempt people but all these features may not be useful to you.
Plugins Error: If you wish to switch on a theme then your installed plugins may disappear which is irritating.

As an ideal product user, it becomes your duty to invest some of time on research and pros and cons on WordPress themes you will be investing on. Sooner or later, this could lead to benefit for your site.

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